Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Inspired Card

Sometimes you need a break, and then, sometimes, that leads to needing inspiration. I can thank my daughters for both in this case. Summer is such a wonderful time to let go of requirements and deadlines. Those come upon us soon enough when school starts, which it did four weeks ago. It's been during these four weeks, that my one dear daughter has been wondering when I'm going to blog again. She's threatened to unfollow me if I don't do it soon. I just love her for that.  

Summer heat and humidity also make me put off yard work. The yard has needed weeding, and I was waiting for rain to soften the ground so I could pull up a dead bush. Thankfully this happened last week, before my in-laws visited. (Yay!) My other dear daughter doesn't read the blog at all, but she did go to Home Depot with me and picked out flowers. I just love her for that.

So, with the yard work complete, and memories of family time tucked in my heart, I have plenty of inspiration for the season ahead. Thank you, girls. I love you for that.