Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Masculine Card Attempt

Seven male relatives. That's all I have on both sides of the family. I try to make each one a birthday card every year, but it doesn't always happen.  Some years I leave it to my husband to send cards to his Dad and brother. He buys the funny ones that hint to the inside family jokes, and he mails them so they arrive on time. The cards I make for my nephews are almost always late. I figure, "They're in college. They won't care." I should give them more credit.  They're smart, creative, and really nice. And, so go my excuses for my own brother and brothers-in-law.  What's the real reason their cards don't always get made or mailed?  Making masculine cards is a challenge for me. 

It is not as simple as using masculine colors like black and tan, which is really what I was hoping when I made these.  No matter the color, bows are feminine. Period. Pink & green bows are cute, and black & tan bows are sophisticated. Lucky for me that works out just fine for the four women who received these cards.

(I do think the first card would have been fine to send to a man in my family, but the sentiment "Age takes its toll. Please have exact change." was perfect for my sister-in-law.) 

Card Details:  All cards are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.  Paper: Echo Park Paper and Paper Studio.  Stamps: "Age...", River City Rubber Works; HBD square, Stampin' Up; Cupcake, Artful Inkalbes; HBD cake/gifts, Hero Arts.  Punch: Birthday Large Edger, EK Tools

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