Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cards for Kiev

Stamping 101 could have been the title for today's blog, because I spent the morning with my friend Carolynn James preparing small samples for beginner stampers. Carolynn and her husband Jesse run an organization called Global Leadership. http://globalleadership.us  They work with American business men and women who volunteer their time to conduct business/leadership seminars in Ukraine. Their goal is to provide quality instruction and practical guidance in business development and community leadership. Carolynn and Jesse have been going to Ukraine since 1997. My husband and I went with them in 2011 and 2012, and my husband went twice last year.  There is a great joy in maintaining international friendships and an undeniable hope in the people we have met in Kiev and Odessa.  

Global Leadership will be returning to Ukraine in April, and though I cannot go on this trip, my heart will go with them - in a box of crafting supplies. Carolynn and I are putting together a box of simple card making essentials to be shared in informal settings with the women after the seminars or hopefully at the coffee house opened recently by friends of theirs. As we all know, there is something wonderful about giving your hands something creative to do, that makes it easier to share the words in your heart.  

I LOVE how much fun I had making the most basic of samples using one stamp, and I noticed, to my delight, the bottom card is in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. I hadn't planned that - though I should have. I will update you later on the card making in Ukraine. 

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