Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An Insomniac's Card

Making cards, or in this case a note pad, is my go to reaction to show someone I care. Every once in a while that includes the hunt for "the perfect stamp". With one look at this image you may wonder why I haven't worked up a halloween theme, so let me explain why this drum playing skeleton couldn't be any better.

I have a friend who had major surgery which involved removing a rib to repair a vein. Before the surgery she and her husband hosted a BBQ and served spareribs! She used a life size plastic skeleton (aka halloween decoration) as her profile picture on her Caring Bridge site. In a shop near the hospital she found (and bought) a pale pink plate, of all things, identifying all the thoracic bones. A month before she would have walked on by, but she also has a fabulous sense of humor and knows how important it is to find things to make you laugh to keep the fears at bay. She copes with insomnia, too, and that just stinks. When I found this stamp, I stopped looking and knew, "This is going to make her laugh!" 

Praying for a friend and making her laugh are almost the same thing. 
They are good for the soul – for both of us.  

Stamp Credits: Rubber Hedgehog Rubber Stamps (skeleton); River City Rubber Works (sentiment)


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  1. You are so incredibly thoughtful with your creative gift! I hope to be more like you when I grow up. :)