Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gyotaku Card Almost

Gyotaku is the Japanese name for "fish rubbing" or the art of fish printing. The surface of the fish is covered with ink or paint. A piece of paper is then placed over this inked surface and gently rubbed, thus transferring the ink from the raised surfaces of the scales and fins. The earliest known example dates from 1862 when a Japanese lord had prints made to preserve the image of several prize catches. This stamp image by Fred B. Mullett is what a Gyotaku print would look like.

When I met my husband he had a full size Gyotaku of a red drum fish framed and hanging in his living room. It's hanging in our living room now. Why am I telling you this? Today is his birthday and this card touches on just about all his "favorites": It's (sort of) a Gyotaku; it's a rockfish (which he used to fish for in Virginia every December); it's on paper I bought at the Japanese festival in St. Louis (his home town); and I made it. 

Happy Birthday, dear Robert, happy birthday to you!

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