Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Card for Day #22

This is sort of an "Oh my gosh! It's Tuesday. What am I going to post?" post, but it really isn't, because after I finished this card last night, I knew it would be on my blog today. The only issue is what do I write about it? I did give it to my neighbor today for her birthday. I imagine she was surprised, but we only see each other at the summer holiday pool parties, so I will have to wait until Memorial Day to find out. :-) 

Or I could mention it is letter number 131 for my #365project on Instagram @lettersarebetter. And (since I seem to have this thing for short term goals) I am doing a sub set – #the100dayproject with @elleluna, where I was challenged to create a unique hashtag and create for 100 days. I chose #100rubberstamps and this is day 22. 

What you see here is "birthday card 2.0". My first rendition was ho-hum, and though I thought they can't all be my favorites, I couldn't leave it alone either. So... the circle of flowers covers up the part I wasn't wild about, and I added Birthday Wishes. Now all I really want to say about this card is "It's so stinkin' sweet! I think I'll make some more." 

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