Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Über Simple Card

Sometimes I just want to make something so very simple. Sometimes I wish I were a clever graphic designer. Sometimes I think my cards are on the verge of trending with hip stationery. Today is one of those days.

I've been stamping and coloring a lot recently and laboring over card designs (all with very satisfying results), but today I finally opened the Hot Cocoa Cups die set from My Favorite Things stamps, and I played all afternoon with paper and foam. I made a handful of cards using layers and sentiments and all the design elements my cards usually have. As I was cleaning up, I discovered one more mug and one more puffy bit of whip cream. The stamps were cleaned and the inks put away, but I didn't want to lose the extra pieces in a pile of scraps, so I pulled out possibly my favorite background color of cardstock and set that mug big and bold on the front of the card. There. Done. 

Sometimes I decide to leave well enough alone and choose to write 
all the sweet stuff on the inside. 

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